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NextPakk is a "Concierge Delivery" and community-sourced service that allows the customer to schedule delivery within a one hour window ensuring the customer is home when the package arrives. NextPakk utilizes blockchain technology to track packages, while protecting customers identity and ensuring timely delivery.

For delivery of packages, NextPakk utilizes a community-sourced economy similar to ride sharing and AirBnB. Individuals can earn additional income on their free time by delivering packages for NextPakk.


While 30% of Americans report having experienced package theft, in attempt to avoid the inconvenience of missed deliveries and lost or stolen packages from their homes, 35% of Americans ship their packages to an alternate address, resulting in extra costs, distance traveled, and increased emissions.

Last-mile delivery is an ongoing logistics puzzle as delivery companies continue to struggle with how best to manage the growing e-commerce-fueled market. The biggest challenges to the last-mile are customer driven. Incorrect address, remote locations, cramped locations, absence of the customer to receive the package, unexpected cancellations of orders and returning orders are some of the major weaknesses of last-mile delivery today. With e-commerce showing no signs of slowing down, and developing countries adding to the online shopping boom, retailers and carriers alike are looking around every corner for the solution.

According to Ed Rogers, a senior engineer with UPS who works on the last mile problem, "if we shave a mile off of every route across the U.S. every day — $50 million savings."


E-commerce sales are expected to reach $2.4 trillion world wide by 2018, and demand on last mile logistics will grow.


U.S. consumers will spend $632 billion online by 2020. That's almost a $200 billion increase from the 2017 projection of $436 million.


In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online.


Blockchain and sharing economy, each disruptive on their own, were combined to create a decentralized platform for consumer-scheduled evening delivery, 7 days/ week. NextPakk creates a marketplace of online shoppers, local businesses for package delivery points (PDPs), and local last-mile delivery drivers that gives consumers convenience, control, and security over their delivery. Pakka blockchain will be the backbone of the DApps built to conduct Logistics business and last-mile services, using the Pakka tokens as payment and or collateral for packages, while changing hands from pick up until delivery.

[PROBLEM] Insufficient facilities:

Having fewer facilities decreases the proximity to consumers, reduces delivery speed and cost more money. An insufficient number of distribution facilities will increase travel time.

[PROBLEM] Distance:

The location of last-mile distribution centers is critical. A company that doesn’t choose its distribution centers wisely will still incur considerable expense and delay during the last mile.

[PROBLEM] Traffic:

A five-mile trip in a busy city can take time. In more congested areas, companies will need to consider more than just distance.


With more people shopping online missed deliveries and package theft is a serious problem.

[SOLUTION] More facilities:

We're' partnering with local businesses to be our package delivery points to effectively utilize unused space. This will allow us to be scalable with minimal infrastructure while increasing the proximity to consumers.

[SOLUTION] Shorter Distances:

Our Package Delivery Points (PDPs) are located close (typically < 5 miles) to where our customers live, resulting in shorter distances and less time to make the final delivery to customers.

[SOLUTION] Less Traffic:

With our additional PDPs spread out in strategic locations in a city, we can efficiently overcome traffic challenges.

[SOLUTION] Zero Loss:

Our PDPs and drivers are incentivized to create a platform that gives shoppers the control to schedule the day and time of delivery when they're home. This results in zero missed deliveries and zero package theft.


  • Retailers’ profit margins increase from fewer stolen packages
  • Local stores benefit from the use of extra space
  • Drivers earn extra income, using their vehicles to deliver packages
  • Carriers’ profit margin increase from fewer missed deliveries and miles traveled
  • Consumers gain convenience, control, and security due to fewer missed deliveries, stolen packages and limited personal information



Our "Concierge Delivery" service is transforming last-mile logistics through a sharing economy built on blockchain. The beauty of this system is it’s frictionless, efficient, and transparent. Imagine last-mile logistics fully integrated into the entire on-demand e-commerce ecosystem, built on trustless transparent blockchain contracts. From online purchase to on-demand delivery, we’re upping the game in last-mile logistics.

Our community-sourced ecosystem supports local businesses through PDP (Package Delivery Point) partnerships: businesses accept packages, shielding them from porch pirates and inclement weather. From there, customers receive an alert, telling them their packages have arrived locally and they’re set to schedule delivery at their convenience – when they’re home.

We will establish the Pakka token as the currency for the last-mile logistics space, paving the way for online shoppers to pay for delivery and other last-mile related services.



Pakka blockchain is the first blockchain solution in last-mile logistics, providing a convenient, secure way to ship packages while maintaining data privacy. Operating around a decentralized community-sourced cryptocurrency, Pakka tokens can be used to exchange value on the platform, while effectively and securely tracking packages and their chain of custody. We’ve eliminated the need for warehouses in our ecosystem. Instead, we’re supporting local businesses, as they’re paid per package received in their stores. Independent drivers have the opportunity to earn income making scheduled deliveries, while NextPakk is eradicating additional trips for missed deliveries and loss from stolen packages.


NEXTPAKK ICO Distribution

Pakka blockchain operates on a fungible token approach. Pakka - a token for exchanging value on the platform, tracking packages and establishing an effective chain of custody. The same Pakka tokens can be used to obtain NextPakk services and partner services as long as NextPakk operates in an area and there is a need for deliveries on this planet. Using Pakka tokens consumers can buy physical products and services from Pakka-enabled merchants.

We’re allotting 50% of the tokens to fuel platform adoption.
The remaining 50% will be sold in three phases.
Total circulation of Pakka tokens will be 1 billion.
As part of private token sale we are selling 80 million Pakka tokens.

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Total Supply
Private 40,000,000 Pakka
Pre-ICO60,000,000 Pakka
Public ICO 100,000,000 Pakka
Private and Pre ICO Bonuses 50,000,000 Pakka
Bounty 30,000,000 Pakka
PDP Incentive50,000,000 Pakka
Driver100,000,000 Pakka
User Rewards 100,000,000 Pakka
Advisors 100,000,000 Pakka
Team 100,000,000 Pakka
Company Legal Reserve 120,000,000 Pakka
Expansion Incentive 150,000,000 Pakka



Private token sale:

Supply: 4%
Duration: July 1th - July 30th, 2018
Price: 1Pakka = $.16 USD
Goal: 6.4 million USD

Public Pre-ICO:

Supply: 6%
Duration: Aug 1st - Aug 31st, 2018
Price: 1Pakka = $.24 USD
Goal: 14.4 million USD

Public ICO:

Supply: 10%
Duration: Sep 1st - Sep 30th, 2018
Price: 1Pakka = $.32 USD
Goal: 32 million USD

* Please refer to pages 41 and 42 of our white paper for KYC, AML and restricted countries.

NextPakk ICO Roadmap


Q1 2016

Seed planted for NextPakk


Q3 2016

V1 of NextPakk as a physical solution


Q1 2017

Collected feedback from users on V1 and revisited the solution


Q2 2017

V2 of NextPakk solution based on shared ecosystem MVPConducted over 700 customer interviews


Q3 2017

Ran a pilot program involving 10+ apartment complexes


Q4 2017

Started work on building the platform based on blockchain


Q1 2018

Web app launch


Q2 2018

Private Tokensale


Q3 2018

ICO and token distribution


Q4 2018 

Market reach in 3 US major cities


Q2 2019

Pakka DApps launch UK/AU/DE markets


Q4 2019

Expansion into 10 US major cities R&D using AI in Logistics


Q4 2020

Expansion into sub-Saharan countries


Q4 2021

Continued worldwide integration with the global supply chain


Lowell Fortune

Captain of NextPakk

Lowell Fortune is a USAF veteran. During his twelve years of service, Lowell became a nuclear missile launch commander responsible for billions of dollars of government assets. Lowell has fifteen years of experience in both front-end and back-end as a full stack web developer and 4 years as logistics specialist in the USAF. Additionally, he’s dedicated the past ten years to working with small to mid-sized businesses as a business developer.

Sergey Tolkachev

Captain of Engineering

Sergey Tolkachev is a full-stack software developer with a Ph. D. in computer software engineering and over thirty years of experience in systems and applications. Mr. Tolkachev is an expert in interactive, web-based systems, R&D, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, client/server, object-oriented systems development and neural networks with development experience in the fields of health care, e-commerce, manufacturing, CAD/CAM, decision support and software engineering.

Dileep Kamujula

Captain of Technology

Dileep Kamujula is a software engineer with proven excellence in the identity, telecom, e-commerce, and financial services industries, and is passionate about blockchain technology and scalable DApps. Holding a master’s degree from NIT Calicut, India, Mr. Kamujula has worked with organizations like Oracle, Accolite Inc., and eBay Inc. Founding two ventures in India, honing his application development skills, Dileep remains committed to providing opportunity and convenience to all.

P.B. Stanton

CCaptain of Legal Compliance and Policy

PB Stanton, ESQ, is an experienced US based attorney fluent in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Securities and Banking law compliance. As a trusted ICO Advisor, he gives guidance and leadership in all phases from project ideation, tokenomics, and whitepaper creation, to full turn-key ICO Launches. Stanton’s law career began in the United States Marine Corps as a JAG Officer stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. In his civilian life, Stanton has spent 25+ years providing sophisticated asset protection, estate planning, and tax planning services to affluent individuals and families, prestigious institutions and other high value clients. He enjoys international travel for both business and pleasure; is a very involved father to two beautiful children; and enjoys surfing, anything outdoors, and music.

Chad Kielty

Captain of Finance

Prior to his role as Finance Manager for UnitedHealth Group, Chad Kielty served as Senior Financial Analyst at ShopNBC and consultant at Accenture. Chad has an MBA and has worked as a financial analyst for several Fortune 500 companies.

Charles Stevens

Captain of R&D

Charles is a technologist, researcher, scientist, entrepreneur, business man. In 1984 he founded Pemco, LTD. Technology development and holding company. ThermoHomes, Inc. a ‘SIP‘structural insulated panel technology, the company he founded was sold in 1997. In 2006 504investor a web portal for SEC rule 504,505 and 506 investments company he founded, was sold to Pvix. Inc. in 2009.


Matt Ciantar

Matt holds a Masters in Business Administration. He’s Senior Executive Sales Leader with over 28 years of global supply chain, business process optimization and managed services consulting experience. He served as the Senior Vice President of US Sales for BRINKS Secure Logistics. Matt spent 23 years with the Leader in Logistics and Supply chain consulting services in the world, UPS. During his tenure he held various positions ranging from operational leadership, sales operations, direct sales, sales leadership, product management resulting in his final role as the Region Director of Sales Operations for UPS.

Josh Cotton

Dr. Joshua Cotton holds a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and served as a Personnel Research Psychologist for the Department of the Navy, working with the Marine Intel Community, Navy Recruiting, and the U.S. Navy SEALs prior to founding VetStoreUSA. The creator of the Elite Performance Indicator personality and competency assessment, Dr. Cotton has spent the past five years studying the behavior of the cryptocurrency culture. The founder and President of Intelligent Governance Solutions, Inc., Josh is a Management Consultant for Fortune 500 companies and a lecturer at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Larissa Folenyuk

With an MBA and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and executive level experience as CEO, COO and CFO, Larissa Felonyuk directs business operations through due diligence, business evaluation, risk management, and business management consulting. Ms. Felonyuk provides leadership in building and directing professional teams and extensive networks, while focusing on business analysis, strategic planning, and operating management.

Pankaj Gupta

Pankaj Gupta holds a Master's degree in Material Science, he's an ICObench expert and supports various ICOs with Digital Marketing, Community and Investor outreach, Partnerships etc. He is also an entrepreneur and Angel Investor in Indian start ecosystem. His entrepreneurial projects have ranged within mHealth, Renewable Energy, e-tail spaces. He got huge network and exposure within SEA and NA.

Craig Lofstuen

Craig Lofstuen is a manufacturing professional with proven success in application of manufacturing technologies. Strong business development and consultative sales skills with concentration on medical device and regulated industries. Strong operations and engineering background.

Claudio Ramirez

Claudio is an Entrepreneur, Blockchain/AI/IoT/VR/AR Advocate and Aeronautical Engineer. He holds an MBA, MEng. & MEM and more recently has been working as Blockchain Strategy Advisor for different ICOs around the world. With over 16 years experience aeronautical engineering and business. He has started 3 business both in Venezuela and Australia. Claudio has experience in Financial Markets and is also Crypto-currency/assets Investor.

Ramy Ramirez

A former Marine Special Operations Critical Skills Operator, Ramy Ramirez is an experienced Computer Forensic Examiner who’s served as a Computer Forensic Analyst for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Digital Forensics Consultant for the Office of the President. Mr. Ramirez has a degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis and has spoken on the value of blockchain with the Open Web Application Security Project. Ramy serves as the Executive Vice President in charge of security and compliance at VetStoreUSA.

Chris Tannahill

Chris Tannahill is a highly proficient Technical Team Leader, specializing in Community Growth Management and Digital Marketing Quality Assurance. He regularly works alongside organizations such as IBM, providing User Acceptance Testing of Business Websites and Mobile Applications, ensuring an optimal experience for end-users. He has been increasingly involved in Blockchain projects since 2013 and brings first-hand insight into the inner workings of Crypto Community minds.

Rick Tapia

Rick Tapia is an industry expert in the Business Analysis of Blockchain platforms and their subsequent infrastructures with an in-depth knowledge of ICO start-to-finish processes. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of Initial Coin Offering strategy, metrics, implementation, garnering of capital investment, jurisdiction shopping, legal compliance and proper formation of corporate structure. He has worked most notably as an advisor on the TraDove project that raised over $50 million in its ICO.

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